Ministry of Education and Higher Education Suite

The contribution of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is reflected through offering academic and educational presentations and art activities that highlight the values of the National Day.


Time Description of activity Name of activity
pm am
    A child learns new skills in an atmoshere of joy and a stimulating environment by using the magic carpet or the magic box which display various educational activities. Interactive educationalactivities
    Associated with the enhanced reality by means of specified paper in an interactive way and competitions. Coloring activity
    Allow the visiting child to learn via enhancing the optic motor interaction,language counting skills and life skills. اEducational aids
    .Folk story and national ones: narrated in the Qatari dialect as well as traditionally used terms, so child’s homeland’s belonging spirit and original Qatari identity is enhanced.

National stories: narrated in correct Arabic language,linked to the homeland and it enhances patriotism in the heart of its citizens.

Activities associated with story: worksheets-artworks – competitions.

Ø     The manufacture of masks for animals

Ø     The manufature of carpeting

Ø     Word structure

اstory activity
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 An interactive diversified competition in an electronic method or educational aids; all of which are linked to learning in Qatar State, the stages of its development and the enhancement of national identity. Art activities
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allows the visitor to know different locations in Qatar State in an interesting way. Map of Qatar
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Diversified questions that allow the visitor to react and respond.

Fragrant past is matching words to images related to Qatar’s folklore.

Qatar’s Electronic Gate; questions related to the history of Qatar State.

Love Qatar competitions
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