Rope Tugging

A competition between two groups of boys and girls

Question and information contest

The competition presents twenty questions, all of which are related to marine heritage life, tools that were used in the past and ancient ways of life

Rowing Competition

A competition between two contestants with boats prepared and equipped with the necessary equipment for the competition to calculate the time and speed

Council of Nukhitha

A competition for children based on the installation of parts of the loader as soon as possible and better mastery judged by the jury.


Al-Bida’a events reflects the marine heritage environment in miniature, where the old frij is adjacent to the sea and attracts the public because of its indigenous heritage, reflecting the feelings of familiarity and compassion that combine the people of the frij. It also includes Beit Al Mutawa, the Popular Café, Al Noukhta Council, and Akass Al Fareej, as well as traditional folklore games such as rope tugging, sail snorkeling, bar and bahar, and many cultural and heritage competitions.