Al- Maqtar

Al- Maqtar refers to houses of hair in straight lines, and was built in this way so that no one is revealed to others where all face the south, and the house of hair that receives guests is situated on the same line and faces the eastern side of the houses of hair, but back of them for about 15 meters to be known to visitors as the guest board. It mimics the old desert lifestyle, where visitors can learn about the close proximity of their ancestors, as well as activities associated with effectiveness such as the environment of wild plants, birds, country animals and ancient folk games.


Photography angle of the ancient professions of way of living of grandparents is presented to the visitors of Al- Maqtar.

The Standing Ride

A contest for the fastest person riding the camel while standing where the time is calculated in an atmosphere full of competition between children.

House of Wildlife

This house will be dedicated to the display of animals living in the Qatari environment such as the Oryx, the Reem and the Fox. The pavilion will also include the introduction of visitors to birds such as Al-Habari and other Qatari birds.   Falcon Clinic: This first-time event is aimed at introducing visitors to the most prominent diseases affecting falcons and how to treat them as well as the devices used in the falcon clinic.

Cultural Competition

A competition will be held at Bait Al-Akeed at the Men’s Split where questions shall be asked about the Qatari heritage of customs and traditions as well as the names of some of the tools that are used in our daily lives.

Bait Al-Akeed

Bait Al-Akeed reflects the daily life of the ancestors in ancient times. During this period, it offers a number of activities, including the work of the disc, milkwax and the traditional way of making Sadou. It also welcomes guests.

Men’s Split: Guests and visitors of Al- Maqtar are received here to exchange conversations about heritage, customs and traditions with the preparation and delivery of coffee in the traditional way.

Timings: 15:30-16:30 I 18:30-18:40

Women’s Split: daily activities related to women are reviewed from a variety of traditional characters such as: Sadou, milkwax, cereals milling, broaching and clothing. Visitors are introduced to the tools used by those women there.

Timings: 17:00-17:30 I 18:45-19:15