Qatar Debate

Debates are part of rhetoric arts that take place between two or more speakers on a specific subject and rely on the methods of arguments and intended to be persuasive. It has rules that grant peers rights and duties to provide organized debates. Debates are published in social and educational environments and are characterized by the richness of their themes that appeal to the public and attract their interest.

‘Ardah ‘Qatari Folk Dance

The parade is one of the methods of celebrating national and social events in a way that includes values ​​of pride and courage. It teaches them to take responsibility and courage and instill in them the enthusiasm, patriotism and masculinity. As Darb Al SaiTheater will witness an epic event in which 86 students representing the top three schools compete to determine the top three spots during the evening.


The event was named after Al Shaqab Center, and is supervised by trained instructors from the center to teach visitors horseback riding, in addition to presenting various shows. Children are involved and taught horseback riding to develop the spirit of originality and uphold the ancient heritage.


Al-Bida’a events reflects the marine heritage environment in miniature, where the old frij is adjacent to the sea and attracts the public because of its indigenous heritage, reflecting the feelings of familiarity and compassion that combine the people of the frij. It also includes Beit Al Mutawa, the Popular Café, Al Noukhta Council, and Akass Al Fareej, as well as traditional folklore games such as rope tugging, sail snorkeling, bar and bahar, and many cultural and heritage competitions.