The Astronomical Dome Suite( Scientific Club)

It is a monument called an astronomical that aims at highlighting  the scientific importance of astronomy; through visiting the dome, the audience will be able to enter into three dimentional world accompanied by audio and visual effects to know the world of astronomy and its phenomena.

Qatar Scientific Club Suite

The club’s contribution aims at promoting and implanting the culture of innovation and manufaturing and supporting the Qatari innovators; this contribution exists through interactive activities and workshops by the usage of recent devices owned by the club


Time Description of activity
9:00-1:00 The department aims at creating a stimulating

environment of  creativity and innovations and encouraging  young children aged from 7 to 14 years, to explore and research in a methodolgic way, the workshops and comptitions will be presented as follows:

–           (stem)

An interactive workshop based on a system

–          The workshop of electronic circuits

–          Programming workshop for one hour

–          The contst of create your game by yourself

–          The contest of robot challenge

–          Drawing the Emblem of Qatar State and National Day by the robot

9:00-1:00 The department aims at encouraging young children to manufacture and innovate and it provides a supporting environment to that through workshops,activities and contests specific to young children aged from 15 years and above,as follows:

–          The contst of lost scientific treasure

–          The contest of geometric shapes installation

–          The workshop of  electronic circuits and lightening the Emlem of the National Day.

–          The contest of constructing an engineering tower

–          A meeting with an innovator

–          The workshop of corner wipes and 3d printers

Suite of national commission on human rights

Promulgating the best practices in the field of human rights among people (citizen and resident), the commission concentrates on showing the efforts being made by Qatar State in maintaining human rights of the citizen and resident according to Qatar’s Vision 2030.



اTime Description of activity Name of activity
9:00-1:00 A screen that contains numbers; on the back of each number there are questions and national and lawful images to be matched by the participating child. Answer and win  
 An electronic game produced by the commission . Fun and rights  
Abig sise image; expresses one of the rights acquired by a child. Game installation  
 A screen on the ground in the form of a route which a child walk along passing many rights that he writes on a card until he reaches human rights. Maze game  
  Separated words which are to be ordered for constructing terms about human rights. Terms and sentences  
Intended for the first age stages aiming at children’s entertainment and instruction at the same time. Coloring  

Stadium (Astad) Suite

Stadium(Astad) highlights educational activities that enhance children’s knowledge and thinking, and concentrates on interactive activities that aim at instructing young people to specialize in architecture.


Time Description of activity Name of activity
pm am
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allow the visiting children to take photos with the uniform of an engineer. Photography
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allows the visitor via the virtual reality to live the experience of sightseeing in Qatar as well as Stadium’s(Astad’s) Projects. اVisual reality
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 The models of (Astad’s) Projects allow the visitor to take the opportunity to know them through participating in the installation of a model in a correct way. Installation
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Activities revealed by the buildings and Stadium’s(Astad’s) Projects. Activities for children
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Available for visitors aged 8 years or older through drawing in an interactive way by means of an electronic screen which displays a child’s graphic and allows it to be printed. The electronic drawing

Ministry of Education and Higher Education Suite

The contribution of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is reflected through offering academic and educational presentations and art activities that highlight the values of the National Day.


Time Description of activity Name of activity
pm am
    A child learns new skills in an atmoshere of joy and a stimulating environment by using the magic carpet or the magic box which display various educational activities. Interactive educationalactivities
    Associated with the enhanced reality by means of specified paper in an interactive way and competitions. Coloring activity
    Allow the visiting child to learn via enhancing the optic motor interaction,language counting skills and life skills. اEducational aids
    .Folk story and national ones: narrated in the Qatari dialect as well as traditionally used terms, so child’s homeland’s belonging spirit and original Qatari identity is enhanced.

National stories: narrated in correct Arabic language,linked to the homeland and it enhances patriotism in the heart of its citizens.

Activities associated with story: worksheets-artworks – competitions.

Ø     The manufacture of masks for animals

Ø     The manufature of carpeting

Ø     Word structure

اstory activity
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 An interactive diversified competition in an electronic method or educational aids; all of which are linked to learning in Qatar State, the stages of its development and the enhancement of national identity. Art activities
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allows the visitor to know different locations in Qatar State in an interesting way. Map of Qatar
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Diversified questions that allow the visitor to react and respond.

Fragrant past is matching words to images related to Qatar’s folklore.

Qatar’s Electronic Gate; questions related to the history of Qatar State.

Love Qatar competitions

Doha Tent

The Doha event, named after the Qatari capital, provides an opportunity for all state institutions in all sectors and their departments to offer educational, interactive, and awareness raising activities to the public. Each institution has its own unique creative ideas  and each is a expression of a united Qatari identity aspiring to reach for Qatar 2030 Vision. Morning activities are designed to for school students while evening activities are suitable for the whole family. Some sixteen different public institutions are participation in the Doha tent. Patriotic Session: An interactive event for the public, presented by the Doha vent with a distinctly Qatari national character full of surprises for the pleasure of all categories of visitors. This event is not related to a specific era of history.

Wheel of Commands

Contains a set of commands and puzzles to be executed by the child who will win different prizes.

Distinctive Katateeb Activities

Children choose what they like and exercise activities under supervision, where among the choices are: (The Story of Hessa and Nasir, Hazawina, A letter and A Word, Reading Crown “small size”, reading bags), in addition to activities dedicated to the celebration of the National Day (Gift Cards – Read and Draw… etc.).