Police Academy

The Police Academy event aims to express gratitude and devotion to his Royal Highness, the Emir of Qatar, by showcasing the unity of citizens and residents of Qatar, as well as delivering the important and noble mission of the safety of our dear country and those who reside in it, through training the young to be disciplined and committed, and to overcome the obstacles, and the job of security men who protect the people from the outlaws, and to strengthen their participation in national forums.

Military Presentation Event

Daily military presentations about self-defense, presented in the pedestrian field in the middle of Serving the Country’s field, by self-defense trainers.

World Cup Football

An event to break the record of assembling the largest football, with the help of the people of Darb El Saai.

Laser War Field

A field divided into two section, one for those who are 9 years old – and a section for 9 years old and older”

Shooting Range

A shooting range for pellet guns, consisting of ten alleys.

Police Academy Candidate

Targets students of the schools participating in the event, where each student will get a practical training similar to the training that the Police Academy students get.