The Qatar Football Association

Established in 1960, the Qatar Football Association joined FIFA in 1972 and joined the AFC in 1974. It is one of the leading sports federations in the State of Qatar. The Qatar Football Association plays an important role in establishing football in the state, and its efforts to promote the game are continuing in Qatar, which has become an active presence in regional and international football forums.

Social responsibility is one of the main priorities of the Qatar Football Association, which has embarked on a strategy that extends through 2021. Social responsibility is a primary priority, as it is one of the most important activities of the Association to open channels of cooperation with all civil society organizations through the development of a general framework to achieve this, to the fullest extent. The Association has established a solid foundation for communication with the community through social responsibility programs, which go hand in hand with the Association’s vision in this regard. Especially that such partnerships and agreements concluded by the Association with many institutions and entities will consolidate the values ​​contained in the vision of the Association, which aims to transform it by 2021 into an association that is characterized by leadership and progress, capable of stimulating the society, in all sectors, to encourage participation in the most popular game in the world, which will contribute to the expansion of the grassroots of the game and promote the principles of fair play and moral competition.

Kids’ Zone

This is an event for little kids

(Painting, puzzles, Cubes)

Display Screen

Screen to display With a

– Local achievements

– Qatar Football History

– Details and important information about the Kora Time program

– We offer training sites in Kora Time

– Qatar Team Training kids of Kora Time

– Results of the Tambah League, the match schedule and participating schools

Virtual Reality Games

goalkeeper Game in virtual reality

– The duration of the game depends on the skill of the player

Mal Lawal Museum

The room consists of two parts:

– The corner of the museum contains a collection of exhibits, pictures of the Association Championships, trophies, old photos

And videos of previous seasons of Kora Time

– Corner of the hall to welcome the VIP guests of Kora time


To interview the managment

The electronic Goalkeeper

The participant tries to score a goal in the electronic goalkeeper’s goal

Two chances for each participant

Instant photo corner

The participant must stand holding the ball and an instant image will be taken for him to appear as a goalkeeper and saves the goal from a side shot

Scoring Accuracy

A game to measure the scoring accuracy of the participant through the numbers placed on the target

– Two chances for each participant