Regulatory Authority of Charity Work

Qatar Charity is an international, non-governmental humanitarian and developmental organization, established in 1992, according to the regulations of charity work in Qatar. The Qatar Charity organization was established under a management that draws its inspiration from the values, principles, and cultural heritage of the Qatari community, to do charity work and participate in the international solidarity effectively and efficiently to tackle the most important humanitarian and developmental challenges that face underdeveloped countries around the globe. The top of these priorities is helping the children who are victims of crises and disasters, before expanding its work to include various humanitarian and developmental sectors. The vision of Qatar Charity “Qatar Charity is a leading humanitarian and developmental organization draws upon various human experiences to achieve the maximum impact”.

Nomas Clause


Morning Time Evening Time


Interactive Quizzes and Questions:

Daily contests interspersed with theatrical passages which consist of national and public historical questions with awards for winners.

09:00-12:00 16:00-22:00 Daily evening shows
Offers and clauses of Al Noor Center 09:30-10:00   Daily morning shows
Our Ardha Play: Choose a number of young Qatari and resident visitors to teach the Ardha and its types and choose the winners.   18:00-19:00 In cooperation with Nomas Center

Tarsheed Clause

An educational recreational clause on the importance of preserving our natural resources such as water provided by the personalities of KAHRAMAA (Qutoura and Kherob) in addition to competitions and prizes.

Regulatory Authority of Charity Work Suite

A suite dedicated to highlighting the Authority’s regulatory role for humanitarian work within the country, and distribute fliers, and informational and educational materials to the public

Qatar Charity Suite

Qatar Charity does in other countries, as well as showcasing various printables and videos from the field. In addition to a detailed description, according to the country and the projects.

Humanitarian Work Exhibition

Pictures by professional photographers who portray the achievements of the Qatari people in the humanitarian work sector, as well as various field pictures.

Humanitarian Work Stations

A set of stations that explains to the community the role Qatar Charity plays outside, and in various sectors (education, water, economics, health, disaster relief, social care, reconstruction, and infrastructure)