Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage

The Higher Committee for Projects and Legacy is making significant progress in developing detailed plans for Qatar’s operations as a host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and has made great progress in building stadiums and other infrastructure projects and ensuring that the tournament and related projects contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals, Qatar to achieve. The efforts of the Supreme Committee and its partners to implement the stadiums, which will create a new history of football in Qatar and the region, as well as infrastructure projects, accommodation facilities, transportation, etc., will continue to ensure that Qatar is ready to host the world in 2022. The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will connect the people and bring them together to celebrate football and to celebrate the Arab world that will host the tournament. For the first time, every fan in Qatar will have an exceptional experience that will continue to be engraved in his/her memory, where he/she will feel as if he/she is in his/her homeland and will engage with his family and friends in a world of fascinating experiences with all the features of authentic Arab culture and hospitality. The sustainable heritage that we are reflecting through hosting the tournament has begun to be evident in various areas, through the building of sustainable infrastructure, the role of sport in supporting the educational process, the initiatives of football for development, support for innovation in the region, and commitment to improve the level of care of the world, in order to contribute to a better future for our country Qatar, our region, Asia and the world.

Children’s Handicraft Area

A handicraft area for children, where they will install paper lamps in addition to multiple handicrafts without the use of any sharp or dangerous tools under the supervision of specialists.

Virtual Playing Area

Show your skills in playing the ball with this fun interactive game and score your new record number.

Virtual Table Football Game

Add a futuristic touch to your favorite game! Discover a new world of thrill and excitement with the Virtual Table Football Game.

Lucille Stadium

Learn about Lucille Stadium through this model and how Qatar’s past has inspired its future design.

Touch Screens

The visitor can learn more about the 2022 World Cup stadiums by touching the information he/she wants to know.

Show Area of Stadiums

Get to know the world’s most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums, which will host the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup.

Neon Football Stadium

Enjoy an exciting match at the Neon Football Stadium where special lighting technology will be used to reflect the colors and dress lines of this game.