The General Traffic Department

The event of the General Traffic Department includes interactive competitions to identify traffic safety rules, a competitive test among visitors about traffic information, the Future Nursery includes interactive educational games for children, and a review of the oldest police collection at the Traffic Museum.

Virtual Reality

Driving test by a video shown to the driver and through it receives several scenes showing the risk of dispersion during driving

Driver’s Licenses room

After driving in the traffic village properly, a driver’s license will be issued for the child

Safety in the Desert

Explaining the road safety requirements in the desert as well as first aid methods

Costumes Room

Taking pictures wearing the old Police Costumes (Traditional)

The Traditional Museum

Is an exhibition with a number of exhibits and old used by the police previously in addition to the issuance of the old License for those over the age of 40 years

Contest Room

An interactive competition between two groups of students to see the traffic safety requirements in the evening

Safe Behaviours

Is an interactive contest where some traffic behaviors are displayed on a screen and the contestants are asked for the greatest number of wrong behaviors

Testing your Traffic Information

Testing traffic information for visitors in a competitive manner will be placed on two groups in a screen installed on the wall and there is a period (10) seconds to see the correct answer